For 2019 there are four gardens right in the centre of Lindfield.

5 Denmans Lane

A “Fairer World” Garden - could we be more eco-friendly & reduce our carbon footprint in our back yard? Enjoy a Fairtrade Banana Smoothie. Also see bees at work in an enclosed bee observation hive.

Lindfield Jungle - Tropical Paradise in Lindfield (access from far end of Chaloner Close)

The owners say " We have a small but densely planted back garden in the village of Lindfield where we indulge our passion for the tropical feel. We planned it as a secret retreat, somewhere we can relax and dream about past travels to exotic places."

Plant sales

See website Lindfield Jungle


"Fawley" Lewes Road

 “Fawley” has a front garden with roses and perennials, while the enclosed rear garden has recently been re-landscaped. It is located on Lewes Road, 30m west of the junction with Eastern Road.

7 High Street

The garden reveals a surprisingly long, albeit narrow garden, created over 30 years by the current owners, and is divided essentially into 4 formal, well stocked flower gardens against the backdrop of an old brick wall. It provides a quiet, colourful oasis as a pleasing balance to the front expansive outlook across the common.